World Heritage Site Declared By UNESCO

Information About Tour 

About Kaas :-
Kaas Plateau is a Biodiversity World Heritage Site, situated in Maharashtra’s on the high hills of Sahyadri in western ghats.
The Kaas Plateau is known as Maharashtra’s Valley of Flowers. Kaas Plateau is situated on the high hills of Sahyadri in western ghats. It is the best place to visit in monsoon, from the mid of August to October. The whole plateau looks like a carpet in various colors. It’s a unique place for flora researchers, nature lovers & photographers. Near about 175 various flower species found at Kaas Plateau and one of the few found on earth only at Kaas Plateau. In June 2012 UNESCO has announced this location as a Biodiversity World Heritage Site.

About Sajjangad :-
Sajjangad meaning Fort of Good People, is located near the city of Satara, India. It is the final resting place of Sant Ramdas, a saint and social reformer in 17th century India (born 1606). His teachings and works written in books such as Dasbodh are read and followed by many people even today in the state of Maharashtra and Sajjangad is a popular place of pilgrimage.

About Thoseghar Waterfalls :- 
Thoseghar waterfalls :is a scenic spot located near the small village of Thoseghar, 20 km from Satara city, at the edge of the Konkan region, in Western India. There are a series of waterfalls, some of them 15 to 20 metres and one of 500 ft in height. People come from all over Maharashtra to visit the area, especially during the rainy or monsoon season, mid of August to October . 

About Chalkewadi Windmills :-
Chalkewadi wind energy project in satara was developed with the intention of generating electricity. Hundreds of windmills are put up all along the plateau. Chalkewadi electricity project is based uphill spread on a huge plateau. Chalkewadi has developed as a tourist spot, because the windmills and the hills a magical landscape together. Thoseghar waterfall can be seen from chalkewadi. There are hundreds of windmills on the adjoining hills.

Itinerary For The Event :-

Meeting point at Gardan Hotel sharp at 05:00 AM. ( Sharp)

Departure to Kaas.Reaching at  Kaas.  

Breakfast at Kaas.

Photography and Exploration at Kaas Plateau.

Moving to Sajjangad. Lunch and Exploring Fort .

After Lunch Visit to Thoseghar Waterfalls. 

Moving to Chalkewadi Windmills 

Dinner at 8:00 pm & Departure to Kolhapur.

Total Batches : 4 
Batch size : 30 Participants in each batch
Batch 1 – 13 Sept 2014
Batch 2 – 21 Sept 2014
Batch 3 – 28 Sept 2014
Batch 4 – 12 Oct 2014

Cost for the Event will be INR 1400 /- 
Cost  Includes :-
Registration Charges, Breakfast ,Lunch,Dinner,
Travelling Kolhapur to Kolhapur by privet bus,
Entry Fees at Kaas,Forest Entry Fees etc.
Cost Excludes :-

Mineral water,cold drinks,

Camera Fees at Kaas Plateau.

And any other Charges not mention in Includes   

1.The leader’s decision will be final & binding on all participants. No arguments will be entertained.
2.It is important for all participants to stay together in the group,
3. In the event of any mishap, Kolhapur Hikers will not be responsible.
4. Each participant will be responsible for his/her own safety & baggage.
5. Avoid wearing gold or other ornaments.
6. Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited.

For More Info & Registration Contact 

Sagar       9579997111          

Rohan      9623319026                                             
Rakesh    8888801299  

Team Kolhapur Hikers

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