Kolhapur Hikers New Year Special Trek To Harishchandragad 30, 31 Dec & 01/01/2015

Dear Adventure Enthusiasts
We at Kolhapur Hikers , invite you all for a Thrilling, Exhilarating,
Ecstasy & Adventurous Trek Harishchandragad

Information about the Trek :

Range- Malshej ghat, Ahemad Nagar.
Level: Medium.
Date: 30, 31 Dec & 01/01/2015, Tue, Wed & Thu.
Participants :- 30 Only,(First come first serve)

About Harishchandragad :

Harishchandragad is a fort located in the Ahmednagar part of Maharashtra state in India. It holded a lion’s share in controlling the surrounding areas. This fort has got an eye pleasing natural beauty, along with a diverse flora and fauna. Harishchandragad is famous for a lot of specialities such as its marvellous natural beauty, tough trek & none other than the beautiful Konkan Kada.
It is also famous as the best fort in Maharashtra for camping. There are nearly 9 caves in total inculding 2 big caves on Harishchandragad which can accomodate around 100-150 campers.

History of Harishchandragad :

Harishchandragad is one of the oldest leading forts in the Sahyadris. The existence of Microlithic man has been discovered here. The fort is estimated to be built during the reign of Kalchuri and references about Harishchandragad can be found in various manuscripts like Skandapurana & Matsyapurana. It is said that the great sage Changdev used to meditate in the caves present here in the 14th century.
Idols of Lord Vishnu which are carved in the 11th century are found in the caves beside the temple of Harishchandreshwar. The carvings in the Harishchandreshwar temple and in Kedareshwar cave denote that the fort belongs to medieval period. The fort has played a major role in guarding the Malshej Ghat region and the surrounding areas. Later, the fort was captured by Moghuls which was then captured by the Marathas in 1747.

The cost for the trek is INR 3200/- per person

Cost Includes :

* Transportation Kolhapur to Kolhapur by private Bus
* Accommodation in Tents on Multiple Sharing Basis
* Vegetarian Food : 2 Breakfast, 2 Lunch, 1 Dinner (Village Food)
* All Taxes and Service Charges

Cost Does not Include :

* Food ordered other than included meals in the Cost
* Personal Expenses like Soft Drinks, Mineral water, etc.
* Dinner on last day of trek.

Schedule :

Day-1, 30/13/14, Tue

09:00 pm – Meeting point-Gardan Hotel near Siber Clg.
10:00 pm – Travel Harishachandra Gad base village by Bus( night travelling )

Day-2, 31/12/2014, Wed

08:00 am – Tea & breakfast
11:00 am – Start Trek to Harishchandra gad
02:00 pm – Lunch (village Food) at Harishchandra gad Temple
03:30 pm – After lunch, visit Taramati peak.
05:00 pm – Visit to Konkan kada & enjoining sun set of last day of the year
07:00 pm – Campfire / Games .etc
09:00 pm – Dinner (Village Food)
11:00 pm – Stay in Tents on 1800ft Konkan kada.

Day-3 01/01/2015, Thu

Explore remaining fort, Nageshwar temple, Caves etc…
Breakfast & Descending, Lunch at base village
03:00 pm -Return journey
We will be returning to Kolhapur by 03:00 am tentatively (depends on traffic conditions )

Things To Be Carried :
1) 1 trek pants / Loose Trousers / Full sleeves preferred.
Carry Light Weight Cloths so that your bag is not heavy.
2) A water bottle (at least 2 liters (1 liter each) carry 2 bottles separately)
3) Shawl and sweater as it is very cold weather.
4) Good Trekking shoes.
5) Cap & sunglasses.
6) Dinner Plate, Spoon, 2 bowl, Glass, ( Compulsory )
7) Bag-pack or trekking bags no hand bags to be carried.
8) Torch with extra Batteries.
9) Medicine (for those who require usually) and basic medicine for headache. Body pain etc.
10) Mosquito repellent cream.
11) sleeping bags or bedding stuff ( satranji or bedsit and light weight blanket )( Compulsory )
12) Toilet kit.

Limited Seats are available, kindly confirm your seat by paying your trek fees as early as possible. Last date for registration is 25th December 2014

Kindly note :

Smoking and Alcohol consumption is not allowed
Participants will have to reach 25 mins before at the starting point
Trek Fee once paid will not be refunded on any circumstances.
Kolhapur Hikers should not be held responsible for any natural calamities or the situations which are beyond control.
Follow instructions given by leaders.
Please avoid wearing gold ornaments and do not carry any valuable things.
Kolhapur Hikers will not be responsible for any type of injuries during trek.

Rules :
1) Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited..
2) The leader’s decision will be final and binding on all members.
3) No Arguments will be entertained.

as well as MOST IMPORTANTLY carry garbage on the way back.

Fascinating Spots :

Saptatirtha Pushkarni :

A pond named Saptatirtha Pushkarni is present on the eastern side of the temple. On its bank are 14 temple-like constructions in which there are idols of Lord Vishnu. However, these idols are now shifted in the caves besides Harishchandreshwar temple. Some stupid and irresponsible trekkers are making this pond untidy by throwing plastic waste and other stuff. A few years back the water was potable, and now you can’t even think of swimming in it.

Kedareshwar Cave :

Moving parallely along the temple, just a few steps after it lies a huge cave known as the Kedareshwar cave. Inside the cave is a big Shivlinga, of about 5 feet tall, which is completely surrounded by water. A huge stream of water flows outside the cave during monsoons, which hardly makes it possible to enter the cave. Moreover, the water in the cave is ice cold !
Kedareshwar Cave. Local legend holds that when the fourth pillar breaks, the world will come to an end.

Harishchandreshwar Temple :

The temple is an excellent structure made out of sculpture carving and depicts the medieval period temples of ancient India. The temple is arount 16 meters high from its base. This temple has got a few caves and water tanks surrounding it. A river called Mangal Ganga is said to originate from one of these water tanks. There are three main caves near the temple. The cisterns near the temple provide drinking water. A short distance away, another temple called Kashitirtha is located. The fascinating thing about this temple is that it has been carved out from a single huge rock. There are entrances from all the four sides. These are faces of guards of the temple. On the left side of the entrance is a Devnagri inscription, which is about saint Changdev.

Konkan Kada (Konkan cliff) :

Well, this is an interesting spot for which most of the trekkers come here. This cliff faces towards west and looks down on Konkan. The Konkan Kada is approximately 4000 m in height. It is an overhang, like a cobra’s hood. When there is little fog in the valley, and the sun is behind the person facing the valley, a circular rainbow can be seen. One phenomenon that can be observed at this place is the vertical cloud burst, in which the clouds nearing the cliff get sucked into the pit fall area below are thrown vertically into the sky reaching more than 50 feet (15 m). It creates a magical wall that is rising straight from the edge of the cliff without entering the landmass area.

Taramati Peak :

Being the Third highest peak in Maharashtra, Ttis is the topest point on the fort, and is also known as Taramanchi. From this peak, Ruhidas pic and many of the surrounding forts like Naneghat, Siddhagad, Ajoba, Kulang fort can be seen. Many people have seen leapords in the jungle beyond this peak.

For More Info & Registration Contact
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