Shivaji Maharaj: Prati shivaji Shiva Kashid

The death of afzalkhan spreads fear in moughal empire, hence they prepare a strategic plan to capture shivaji maharaj. When shivaji maharaj was at panhala fort, the moughal named siddhi johar who was a brave and fearless warrior moves after shivaji maharaj to capture him. Siddhi johar surrounds the panhala fort with lakhs of soldiers, he stays there for many months. It was almost impossible for shivaji maharaj to escape from there, but as we know the great shivaji maharaj is known for his cleverness. One day a barber from nebapur known as shiva kashid who looks alike shivaji maharaj comes to him, then shivaji maharaj gets the master plan to escape from panhala and the story contiues…

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