KOLHAPUR HIKERS is an organisation raised for the buddies who want to do the travel and related activities different than others. As we all know the Kolhapur is a place of art, culture and courage. The bravery is in the blood of Kolhapurians. And now we are introducing ourselves as the followers of such great souls.
In your day to day schedule what you do, work, work & work. And when you think of get out of it, wanted to spend some good time with your loved ones then you search for a good option to go away from your hectic schedule. If you are looking for a regular vacation or full of adventure, then the KOLHAPUR HIKERS is the right option for you. If you know the frustration of spending the worst holidays, either in Maharashtra or beyond its borders, then we will make your next holiday a breeze.
KOLHAPUR HIKERS endow with the vast variety of outdoor and indoor activities and adventure tours. For our clientele akin to Corporate, Families and Schools & Colleges we will open your minds by countless great new adventure travel ideas.
KOLHAPUR HIKERS includes all outdoor adventure travel and activities. The activities of KOLHAPUR HIKERS vary from Trekking, Adventure Camps, Corporate Camps, Durg darshan (Fort exploring), Mountaineering, Jungle Exploring, Sahyadri Expeditions, Bike & Bicycle Expeditions, Overland travelling, Beach Camps, Adventure trainings for Schools & Colleges, Family Vacations, Urban Exploration, Extreme Tourism, Route Mapping & Designing, Amazing Road Trips, Wildlife Photography. KOLHAPUR HIKERS also engaged in reconstruction and maintains of the historic forts and such monuments which hold the pride for Maharashtra by bringing it to the notice of local corporation and authorities. KOLHAPUR HIKERS introduces people to these places and let them know the importance of Marathi cultural and heritage by performing traditional art and functions. It’s merely to retain and glorify Marathi culture which KOLHAPUR HIKERS strongly feel shouldn’t fade away because of the new trends of entertainment. Let us get back our youth to their history.
Combining great weather and a variety of terrain from forests, deserts, rivers, snow covered mountains, oceans. India is the perfect playground for travel and adventure activities. Going on hiking tours along with the mountain ridges of India, or across its bush, enjoying some caving, along with rock climbing and rappelling, mountain biking, cycling and off-road driving in the beautiful and friendly Kingdom of India.
KOLHAPUR HIKERS offers the adventurer a countless of adventure tours and activities, ensuring that whether you want a relaxing vacation or heart-stopping, action-packed encounters you will find it here. KOLHAPUR HIKERS has everything that your adventurous heart desires. KOLHAPUR HIKERS is for to the adventure enthusiasts.

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