11 Water Parks You Won’t Believe Exist

From the most extreme water slides to pools possibly crawling with crocodiles, these are the most insane water parks in the world…

6 – I love the name of this waterpark… and as long as no white dove is released once you have visited, then we’re all good.
According to Frommers Guide book, Noah’s Ark Waterpark is the biggest waterpark in the USA. It has 51 water slides, and of those 51 – there are 4 that definitely stand out. One us called Quadzilla, which is a 4-lane mat racer where you go down head first!
If speed is your thing, try the Black Anaconda but it seems that’s even tame to the Scorpion’s Tail… which is just terrifying. 10 stories high, a near vertical drop and dropping 50 feet a second!

5 – Here’s a water park that was featured on The Amazing Race 5, The Amazing Race Asia 1 and The Amazing Race Australia 2… It’s the Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai. With over 30 rides, the park features the Wipeout and Riptide, where you can actually surf! There are only 4 of these in the world!
There is also Tantrum Alley, which has nothing to do with noisy toddlers, but rather waterslides and tornados. A slide where you will reach astonishing speeds, and much more.
The theme running through the park is an Arabian story of Juha, who goes on loads of adventures with his friend Sindbad. This theme and the detail of the park won them an award for Outstanding Accomplishments in Design and Theme.

4 – Time to go Down Under, and even though this waterpark is outside – it still remains open all year round. The pools and slides are actually heated during the winter months!
It’s the Wet n Wild Gold Coast Water Park in Australia, and attracts over 1 million guests every year.
Any ride with the name Black Hole should instill fear even in those who believe they are fearless… you are literally entering into pitch black darkness, with no idea of what twists and turns are going to come your way. Their website promises that you will be shaking in your swimmers when you are done with this ride!
Of course there are more adventerous rides to head to, like the Kamikaze, where you’ll plunge down a virtually vertical drop – giving you the feeling of zero gravity. .. just don’t eat a big lunch before attempting this one!

3 – Forget the Mickey Mouse ears when you head to this part of Disney World, Typhoon Lagoon got it’s name from the imagined legend of an earthquake, typhoon and volcanic eruption coming together to create a sea inland, including breaker waves.
There are 3 million gallons of water in the park, is 61 acres and is great for grown up and kids alike.
Just to highlight some of the rides there – there is the Crush N Gusher, and here’s something to think about when you go plunging down these slides – the amount of water in one of these slides, is enough to fill a home pool in one minute!
There are Storm Slides, Gangplank Falls, Humunga Kowabunga, Surfing and a Shark Reef – where you can literally swim with tropical fish, sharks and even stingrays!

2 – So what do you do with a gigantic centre that has lost it’s appeal after hosting the 2008 Summer Olympics?
Well, you turn it into the Happy Magic Water Cube and it becomes the second most visited tourist destination in Beijing!

Another awesome indoor water park, with rides named Aqua Launch, Aqua Loop, Aqua Tube and more. There is a lazy river, floating jelly fish and an incredible wave pool. It’s a marvel to view, as it’s so brilliantly decorated with great attention to detail.

Just so you know, this is second on the tourist destination to the Great Wall of China!!

1 – As gorgeous as what this waterpark is, would you believe that it’s actually located right next to a massive rubbish dump?
The park focuses on Vietnamese history, and the theme of the sacred animals runds through prominently – the Dragon, Tortoise, Unicorn and Phoenix . Besides the regular rides and slides, there are a few odd things about this park.
The Palace of Unicorns is actually a house of horrors – so don’t even think about taking your kids through it, and then they have an enormous crocodile kingdom as well, with over 1500 crocs! So I would be super careful when in the water pools, and be on my guard for an escaped crocodile!

We hope you enjoyed our list of water parks you won’t believe exist!
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